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False complaints to the police do not amount to defamation

Following on from last months article Defamation and the employers reference: a warning to claimants, we now look at another common scenario which can give rise to misconceived defamation claims “ the complaint to the police.

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Law Commission to consider whether offence of scandalising the Court should be abolished

The offence of scandalising the court dates back to 1765.  Under the law it is an offence to be extremely offensive to a judge or accuse him/her of corruption.  The offence is a form of contempt of court and includes the publication of material or the carrying out of acts likely to undermine the administration of justice or public confidence therein.  It usually takes the form of scurrilous abuse of the judiciary or the imputation of improper motives.  It is distinct from other forms of contempt such as the publication of prejudicial material, misbehaviour in court and breach of jury confidentiality.

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