Monthly Archives: July 2015

Airbnb ordered to disclose details of complaint by guest who gave B&B owner a ‘long massage’

In Mark Howell v Airbnb UK Ltd (23 July 2015) Airbnb, an online company facilitating a bed and breakfast booking service from local hosts worldwide, was ordered to disclose full details of a complaint from a female guest against a male host which had resulted in his membership being withdrawn and 21 future bookings via the website cancelled.

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Statistics show that the number of defamation claims are on the rise

The number of defamation claims that were issued in 2014 have risen by 60% when compared to 2013 figures according to Judicial Statistics published in June by Court Statistics Quarterly: Jan-Mar.  This is a surprising trend given the widespread suggestion that the implementation of the Defamation Act 2013 would dissuade a large number of people from issuing libel claims.

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