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Motoring Solicitors

For most of us, a speeding ticket will be the closest brush we have with the criminal justice system. If you are unlucky enough to receive a court summons you may find yourself in an environment you find strange and intimidating.

Magistrates deal with hundreds of thousands of driving cases each year and it is important that a party is afforded the opportunity to have his or her case properly heard.

Brett Wilson LLP will be able to advise you on the strength of the case brought by the prosecution. Where no credible defence exists, an experienced motoring offence solicitor from our team will be able to identify which issues are best to put forward in mitigation. Successful damage limitation can mean the difference between a lengthy ban and an individual managing to hold on to their licence.

At Brett Wilson LLP you are paying for the best when circumstances dictate that nothing less will do.

With Brett Wilson LLP advising you, you will always feel supported and in control.

What our motoring offences solicitors can do for you:

Our experienced and skilled Motoring and Road Traffic Law team will:

  • Conduct a careful review of prosecution evidence to identify any issue, whether factual, legal or procedural that may undermine the prosecution or assist a defence.
  • Provide a comprehensive explanation of the law, the strength of any case, the consequences of alternative courses of action and advise you on the best way forward.
  • Correspond with the prosecution and seek relevant disclosure in contested cases.
  • Instruct expert witnesses to assist with complex technical evidence.
  • Appear at ‘Special Reasons’ hearings to argue against mandatory disqualification.
  • Offer competitive fixed fees for cases.

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