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Pre-Charge Advice and Representation

Effective pre-charge advice and representation makes a real difference. In practice, access to expert opinion and quality written representations can often lead to an informal disposal or a decision to take no action at all.  If you have been arrested, are being investigated, or you are about to be investigated, then please contact us for a confidential discussion.  To find out how we can help you, call us today on 020 7183 8950, or send us an email and we will be in touch. 

Brett Wilson LLP delivers a range of pre-charge services that include:-

  • Advice over potential arrest and investigation before any action has started.
  • Representation in interviews conducted by the police, local authorities, the National Crime Agency, the Financial Conduct Authority, the Serious Fraud Office and other investigating agencies.
  • Advice as to the rights and obligations of persons compelled to assist in investigations whether as a suspect or witness.
  • Liaison with prosecuting agencies and representation, where relevant, as to the level of charge or alternative disposal including discontinuance.

What happens if I am arrested?

To find out what could happen in the event that you are arrested and investigated and your rights and obligations, please read our Arrest and Investigation Fact Sheet.

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