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Month: February 2012


Documentary on secondary ticket market aired after Viagogo fails to secure injunction

Channel 4 went ahead and screened a Dispatches documentary on the “secondary ticket market” on Thursday 22 February 2012 after Viagogo failed to secure an injunction in the High Court earlier in the day.  Viagogo sought to appeal the decision, but permission to appeal was refused by the Master of the Rolls shortly before the programme was…

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Ryan Giggs consents to the lifting of the anonymity part of privacy injunction.

The original injunction granted in April 2011 prevented the publication of details of an alleged extra-marital affair and the identification of the footballer.  Ryan Giggs sought the injunction after the sun newspaper ran an article about an unnamed footballer having an affair with a model.  The anonymity element of the injunction has now been lifted by agreement.  The…

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CPs ordered to pay damages for for failing to protect individual from harassment

In R (Waxman) -v- CPs, QBD (Admin) (2 February 2012), Moore-Bick LJ considered the state’s responsibility to prosecute alleged criminal offences, an individual’s access to the civil courts and the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. The Claimant had met F at college.  F had become obsessed with the Claimant and pursued a course of conduct amounting to harassment. …

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Compulsory Disclosure under Restraint Order raises self-Incrimination Issue

In Randhawa (2012 EWCA 3) the Appellant had been convicted of a conspiracy to cheat the revenue arising out of a carousel (or MTIC) fraud. His co-defendant singh had produced documents in the course of proceedings relating to a Restraint Order made against him. He had been compelled to produce those documents by the Order which by…

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Privacy injunction obtained by Ann summers' CEO

On 15 February 2012 Tugendhat J handed down a judgment setting out why he has granted an interim injunction preventing the publication of private and confidential information relating to Jacqueline Gold the CEO of Ann summers. The Defendants Allison Cox and Leanne Bingham both formerly worked with Ms Gold. The application for an injunction was…

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Twitter sued for defamation in Australia

The Melbourne Age has reported that Twitter is being sued by an individual in Australia who states that they were falsely accused – via Twitter – of being the author of a hate blog.  It is understood that the author of the original tweet has already reached a settlement with the claimant, but that he he is pursuing Twitter for publishing the statement and…

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Centralised County Court ready to open its doors

The days of litigants issuing claims in their local county court are numbered.  On 19 March the National Civil Business Centre (“NCBC”) will open its doors.  From this date the majority of county court claims in England and Wales will have to be issued at the salford-based Centre (exceptions include claims for injunctions or claims made under the “Part…

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Defamation litigation statistics for 2011 published

The Inforrm Blog has published its annual summary of libel litigation in England and Wales. It reports that 23 final determination hearings were held in the High Court in 2011, down from 21 in 2010. Unusually, only three cases involved the mainstream media. Only two trials took place, neither of which were a jury trial.There has not been…

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