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Month: January 2015


SRA obtains injunction prohibiting former solicitor from practising law

In Law Society v Shah [2014] EWHC 4382 (Ch), the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) obtained a final High Court injunction against former solicitor Dixit Shah (also known as Sanjay Shah) which prohibits him from holding himself out as a solicitor, carrying out reserved legal activities or having any involvement with a solicitors’ firm or any…

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High Court dismisses application by Google to strike out Mosley claim

In Mosley v Google [2015] EWHC 59 (QB) Google sought to strike out a claim brought by former Formula One President Max Mosley.  Mosley is seeking damages and an injunction, under Section 10 of the Data Protection Act 1998 (‘DPA 1998’).  The injunction is sought to block access to still images and edited footage from its…

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Rihanna defeats appeal by Topshop in T-shirt ‘passing off’ claim

In Robyn Rihanna Fenty and others –v- Arcadia Group Brands Limited and another ([2015]  EWCA Civ 3), lawyers for Topshop sought unsuccessfully to set aside last year’s finding in the High Court that the clothing store was liable for ‘passing off’ under common law for the unauthorised use of the singer’s image on T-shirts. Topshop had obtained…

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Leveson’s Efficiency Review: Criminal Courts are ‘lagging significantly behind modern practices’

Nick Brett, Partner and criminal defence solicitor at Brett Wilson LLP gives an overview of the Leveson’s Efficiency Review: Criminal Courts are ‘lagging significantly behind modern practices’ In his Review of Efficiency in Criminal Proceedings published this month Sir Brian Leveson makes a number of recommendations as to how criminal cases can be streamlined thereby…

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Mirror Group Newspapers settle phone-hacking claims in High Court

The High Court on 22 January 2015 heard that a number of celebrities (including Cilla Black, Darren Day, Peter Andre and Jessie Wallace) had settled their claims against the Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) for phone hacking that was alleged to have taken place between 2000 and 2006.  The claims for misuse of private information related…

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Sentence for Ancient Sexual Offences Reduced

Regina v DJP [2014] EWCA 2362 is an interesting judgment of the Court of Appeal who were considering an appeal against conviction and sentence in connection with a number of offences under the old Sexual Offences Act 1956. The defendant had been convicted of a number of offences of rape, attempted rape and indecent assault…

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Iain Wilson interviewed by the British Medical Journal on the impact of the right to be forgotten

Brett Wilson LLP Partner Iain Wilson speaks to the British Medical Journal (BMJ) about the ‘right to be forgotten’ and its relevance to doctors and other medical practitioners. A copy of the article can be found here.

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