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Month: September 2015


Lack of AG consent rendered proceedings a nullity

Nick Brett, Partner and crime solicitor at Brett Wilson LLP writes about a case where lack of AG consent rendered proceedings a nullity Regina v CW and MM [2015] EWCA 906 was about a prosecution appeal against a ruling that the indictment and proceedings in a drug trafficking case were null and void. The allegations…

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"Good faith" defence fails in NCA claim

In NCA v Atkinson & Atkinson [2015] EWHC 1299 the National Crime Agency [NCA] made a claim for a civil recovery order in connection with a number of properties owned by Mr Atkinson. In the end, Mr Atkinson did not defend the Claim. However, one of the properties was held jointly by his wife Mrs…

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London clinic leaks HIV status of hundreds of patients

The NHS sexual health clinic 56 Dean Street has apologised for a data leak, in which it is understood the HIV status of 780 patients has been disclosed.  The breach occurred when an email newsletter sent to patients was ‘cc-ed’, rather than ‘bcc-ed’ to patients, thus disclosing the identity of the patients to every recipient of the newsletter. …

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