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Month: April 2016


Iain Wilson on BBC Three Counties Radio discussing revenge porn a year after its criminalisation

Brett Wilson LLP partner Iain Wilson has been interviewed by Justin Dealey on BBC Three Counties Breakfast Show.  Mr Wilson was asked to take part in the show to provide an expert’s view on the impact of ‘revenge porn’ legislation, one year after it came into force. The interview can be found at the BBC website (2hrs 8mins):- The BBC has…

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Stalking and harassment: why aren’t we doing enough to stop it?

Following reports about the seven year ordeal suffered by Lily Allen, stalking is back in the mainstream media.  Most people will be familiar with the term ‘stalking’.  Unfortunately, familiarity can breed contempt: many people, including, significantly, many Police Officers, still either fundamentally misunderstand what stalking is, or fail to appreciate how serious a problem it…

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Culture Secretary calls for overhaul of online abuse law

Maria Miller, the Culture Secretary, and Senior Labour MP Yvette Cooper have both called for a review of the law governing online harassment, stalking and abuse to prevent inconsistent enforcement and to encourage those affected to report the crime. The current position With the continuing rise in users of social media and a plethora of…

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Criminal law: Crown Court conviction rate falls below 80%

A study carried out the by BBC which considered data gathered from the Crown Prosecution Service has found that Crown Court conviction rates have fallen below 80% for the period 2014-15.  An explanation being that in the same period more than 12,600 cases were discontinued, an increase of nearly 1,700 on the previous year and…

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New reckless banking offence comes into force, but can it be enforced?

From 7 March 2016 it became a criminal offence for senior bankers to recklessly cause their institution to fail. Section 36 of the Financial Services (Banking Reform) Act 2013 could, in theory, mean up to seven years in prison for:- a senior manager; who agrees to a decision that caused the institution to fail, and…

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Footballer's rape conviction quashed; retrial ordered in sexual offence case

The Court of Appeal yesterday quashed Ched Evans’s rape conviction, but ruled that he will face a retrial. The 27 year old Welsh footballer was jailed in 2012 after having being found guilty of raping a 19 year old woman at a Premier Inn near Rhyl, Denbighshire in May 2011. Mr Evans, who has always maintained his innocence,…

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Iain Wilson interviewed by Law Society Gazette

Brett Wilson LLP partner Iain Wilson and other leading defamation lawyers discuss recent developments in media law. Click here to read the article.  

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Court of Appeal grants "celebrity threesome" privacy injunction and then discharges it

The Supreme Court is currently considering an appeal against a decision of the Court of Appeal to discharge a non-disclosure injunction it granted itself earlier this year.  Until the Supreme Court has reached its decision the injunction in PJS v News Group Newspapers Ltd – the “celebrity threesome gagging order” – will remain in force. As with most privacy…

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Domestic violence conviction upheld in criminal defence case

The case of Higgins v Crown Prosecution Service [2015] EWHC 4129 concerned an appeal against conviction for common assault arising out of a domestic violence case.  For criminal defence solicitors, it is a relatively common scenario. The police arrived on the scene and the victim was injured and alleged assault by her partner. Both were…

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