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Month: July 2019


Libel claim by man claiming to have invented Bitcoin dismissed on jurisdictional grounds

The decision of Mr Justice Nicklin in Craig Wright v Roger Ver [2019] EWHC 2094 (QB) confirms that where a defendant in a libel claim is not domiciled in the United Kingdom, another Member State or a state which is a contracting party to the Lugano Convention, claimants have a very difficult task in obtaining…

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Decline in prosecutions for all offences

There has been a marked decline in the percentage of reported crimes resulting in a charge or summons.  In 2017/2018 prosecutions were brought in 9.1% (442,717) of cases.  In the year ending March 2019, this figure was down to 7.8% (403,221).  In Home Office data issued this month there were 75,305 offences reported last year…

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Lexis Nexis interview: Helping suspects held in “Released Under Investigation” limbo

Brett Wilson LLP partner Nick Brett considers the impact on suspects released by the police under investigation.  Corporate Crime analysis: The London Criminal Courts Solicitors’ Association (LCCSA) revealed extreme delays to cases where people accused of crimes (including fraud, bribery and theft) are kept for long periods on Released Under Investigation (RUI), in survey findings…

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Morgan v Times Newspapers Limited: Court holds that article criticising conduct of barrister in Ben Stokes prosecution was defamatory at common law

Mr Justice Soole has handed down his judgment in the trial of preliminary issues in Alison Morgan QC v Times Newspapers Limited [2019] EWHC 1525 (QB).  The judgment, available here, determined the meaning of an article published in The Times on 16 August 2018 titled ‘Senior Prosecutor under fire after Stokes is cleared of affray’….

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