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Month: November 2021


A liquidator has been appointed to run my company. What does this mean?

What is a liquidator? A liquidator is either an Official Receiver or an authorised insolvency practitioner, who is appointed when a company either chooses voluntary liquidation, or enters compulsory liquidation following a winding-up order. The role of a liquidator is to deal with the affairs of a company that is in the process of being…

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Responding to a bankruptcy petition

Below we focus on the ways in which you, as the debtor, can challenge a bankruptcy petition that has been presented by a creditor. We have specifically raised some of the common grounds to defend bankruptcy proceedings, the procedural process, the effect of a petition if you decide not to defend it and other key…

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Have you been the victim of cryptocurrency fraud?

Crypto fraud is on the rise.  Crypto fraud can be difficult to spot before it’s too late. For most investors, the technological environment is novel territory. The good news, though, is that it may be easier to trace the stolen crypto assets given the transparent nature of blockchain technology. What to look out for before…

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Dealing with cryptocurrency in divorce proceedings

Bitcoin and divorce I think my spouse may own Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.  How does this fit in with a divorce? Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular, and the biggest name (and earliest established) among them, Bitcoin, has been splashed over the front pages of the news last week for reaching an all-time high…before dropping again. These…

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