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Month: December 2021


Fighting fire with fire: making counter-allegations in response to a libel

It is normally defamatory to allege that a party has committed a serious crime.  However many publishees will choose to publicly rebut an allegation, accuse the publisher of dishonesty and/or make counter-allegations, rather than sue for libel.  But does this itself not put the accused at risk of being sued for defamation themselves?  The answer…

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Press Release: Mensa pays Eugene Hopkinson libel damages

British Mensa Limited and its directors have agreed to pay defamation damages and costs to former director Eugene Hopkinson after publishing a series of statements that alleged he was responsible for a data leak and cyberattack and had deliberately attempted to harm Mensa and its membership. The settlement was announced at a hearing before Mr…

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Sex and the City: the right to a private life in the workplace

Just over a year ago, the High Court published its landmark decision in Beckwith v Solicitors Regulation Authority [2020] EWHC 3231 , which provided much needed guidance on the extent regulators could inquire into the private lives of those that they regulate. In F v Solicitors Regulation Authority (1 November 2021)*, a trainee solicitor appealed…

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What can I tell my new partner about my divorce?

Can I tell my new partner that I’m getting divorced? There are no restrictions on who you can tell about the fact that you are undergoing a divorce. The registration of a divorce is also a matter of public record in England and Wales, so any member of the public, once the divorce is finalised,…

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