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Month: March 2022


Don’t leave it too late: the importance of limitation periods in professional negligence claims

What is a limitation period? A limitation period is the amount of time that you have to bring a Court claim in England and Wales. The Limitation Act 1980 governs the length of limitation periods which vary based on the type of claim that you are attempting to bring to Court. These “baseline” lengths can…

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Anonymisation in civil proceedings

There has long been a tension between the principles of open justice and the desire of parties litigating sensitive matters to keep their identity, parts of the litigation, or even the fact of the litigation itself, private. The default position for almost all civil litigation is that (i) parties are named in proceedings, (ii) non-parties…

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Covid restrictions on corporate insolvency action to end

We have been continuing to monitor the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 (the “Act”) closely since it came into effect on 26 June 2020.  The Act imposed a number of restrictions on insolvency action, designed to give companies breathing space during the Covid-19 pandemic. Under the Act there was a bar on creditor statutory…

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No Fault Divorce: An introduction

On 6 April 2022 the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 comes into force, and we embark upon a new era of “no fault” divorce. Below we consider the key features of the reform. What was the old law, and why is the new law a good thing? Under the current law, you have to…

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An introduction to financial sanctions involving Russia

The war in Ukraine, and latterly the news about Roman Abramovich and Chelsea Football Club, have brought the issue of the UK financial sanctions regime involving Russian nationals into sharp focus. But what is the regime and how does it operate on those who have business links to those who are or may be sanctioned?…

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Lexis Nexis Interview: Reasonable expectation of privacy in information relating to criminal investigations (Bloomberg LP v ZXC)

  Percy Preston of Brett Wilson LLP is interviewed about the Supreme Court’s decision in Bloomberg LP v ZXC [2022] UKSC 5.   What was the key issue on appeal?  The central issue on the appeal was whether, in general, a person under criminal investigation has a reasonable expectation of privacy in respect of information…

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