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Month: May 2022


SLAPPs: A real problem or a defendant’s wildcard?

Brett Wilson LLP partner Iain Wilson argues that problems regarding so-called SLAPPs are overstated and that further defamation reform is unnecessary   In our blog In defence of privacy and the judiciary we discussed how the press had misreported the decision in HRH the Duchess of Sussex v Associated Newspapers Ltd [2021] EWCA Civ 1810 and,…

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Blacklisted: Removing a marker from a fraud database

Fraud databases effectively act as blacklists for financial institutions.  An individual with a fraud marker against their name on a fraud database will normally only discover its existence after they have had to deal with the adverse effects that it can cause, such as being refused credit, or an abrupt (and often unexplained) closure of…

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High Court upholds disbarment of barrister who sought to conceal dishonesty conviction

In Bibi v Bar Standards Board [2022] EWHC 921 the High Court dismissed the appeal of Sky Bibi, a barrister who had been disbarred by the Bar Disciplinary Tribunal.  Ms Bibi had faced allegations of behaving in a way which was likely to diminish the trust and confidence in the profession and acting in a…

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Effective justice? Magistrates’ sentencing powers double to 12 months to help clear Crown Court backlog

This month Magistrates have been granted new powers to impose terms of imprisonment up to 12 months, for ‘either-way offences’, enabling Magistrates’ Courts to hear a broader range of matters. The extended sentencing powers are contained in the controversial Judicial Review and Courts Act 2022, which was given Royal Assent on 28 April 2022. The…

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Depp v Heard: the perils of live-streaming and trial by TikTok

Following on from recent blogs on derogations from the principles of open justice and closed materials, we look today at the other side of that coin: wide-open justice.  At the time of writing, the US defamation case of John C. Depp II v Amber Laura Heard (CL-2019-2911) is just past its half-way point in Fairfax,…

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