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Month: October 2022


Holding a director personally liable for wrongdoing committed by a company

Whether a director can be held personally liable for wrongs committed by the company is always a complex and fact-specific question, however the Court of Appeal’s decision in Barclay-Watt v Alpha Panareti Public Ltd [2022] EWCA Civ 1169 provides new clarity on the principles that the Court will apply in such cases. Facts Alpha Panareti…

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Brett Wilson LLP and its lawyers recommended in Chambers and Partners 2023 directory

Brett Wilson LLP’s media and communications law and criminal defence departments have again been recommended by the prestigious Chambers and Partners directory as leading departments in their field. In the firm’s media and communications law department, partners Iain Wilson (noted for ‘his exhaustive knowledge and valuable insight’), Max Campbell (‘first-class acumen and frighteningly accurate ability to…

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Behind the veil of secrecy: the move towards transparency in Family Courts

For many years, Family Court cases have been shielded by stringent rules on confidentiality. Consequently, press reports have been rare, and in instances where high profile cases have seen a degree of press intrusion, reporting has usually been limited to a broad overview of the case. Despite this, the issue of transparency in the Family…

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Press release: Academic pays nearly £50,000 in damages to colleague falsely touted online as a sex worker

Former UCL academic Dr Christopher Backhouse has paid US academic Dr Erica Smith £49,975 in damages to settle High Court privacy and harassment proceedings. In a statement read in the High Court today before Mr Justice Nicklin, Dr Smith’s solicitor explained that between November 2020 and May 2021, Dr Smith was the victim of an anonymous…

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Legal Services Payment Orders: interim orders for your spouse to fund family law proceedings

Legal Services Payment Orders (‘LSPOs’) are a potential method for funding matrimonial disputes. What is an LSPO? An LSPO is an interim order used in proceedings where one of the parties to the marriage does not have the financial means to pay for legal representation and cannot secure a loan (usually because they do not…

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Should I take a litigation loan to fund a divorce?

The legal costs in some matrimonial matters can be unaffordably high, particularly where there are significant assets at stake.  However, with the prospect of a financial settlement at the end of proceedings, litigation loans can present a solution. Family litigation funding process It is not uncommon for parties going through divorce proceedings and financial dispute…

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Bar Standards Board issues interim guidance on social media use

The Bar Standards Board (‘BSB’) has issued interim guidance on the use of social media by barristers pending consultation. The guidance is being issued on the basis that the use of social media is inherently public as opposed to private and hence its use is likely to reflect on the reputation of the profession (and…

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