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Month: January 2023


Barrister who leaked draft Supreme Court judgment disbarred

Timothy Crosland, an unregistered barrister and director of environmental group Plan B, has been disbarred for deliberately flouting a Supreme Court embargo on a draft judgment. In 2020, the Supreme Court heard an appeal in the case of R (Friends of the Earth Ltd and others) v Heathrow Airport Limited [2020] UKSC 53, which concerned…

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Limitation in debt claims: the importance in getting the timing right

As a starting point, unless an exception under the Limitation Act 1980 applies, the period in which a party may make a claim for recovery of money (breach of contract) is six years from the date of the breach. With the above in mind, one can assume that the breach does not occur until a…

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Proving the extent of publication in Twibel claims

Since the first High Court Twitter libel trial of Cairns v Modi [2012] EWHC 756 (QB), the online platform has provided a fertile source of work for libel solicitors.  Indeed, in 2022, three of the most high-profile libel trials in England and Wales (Banks v Cadwalladr [2022] EWHC 1417 (QB), Wright v McCormack [2022] EWHC…

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Overwhelming an opponent: a cautionary tale

In the judgment of Master Davison in FKJ v RVT and Others [2023] EWHC 3 (KB), we see a robust, clear, and concise judgment dealing with a case that was at risk of spiralling out of all control. Background FKJ was a junior solicitor at a firm owned and operated by its managing partner RVT…

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