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Month: June 2024


How can delays in the criminal justice system affect a defendant’s sentence?

It is widely accepted by practitioners that the criminal justice system remains in disarray following the Covid 19 pandemic, with huge delays particularly in the Crown Court. Many defendants face months, if not years, on bail awaiting trial. In addition, it is known that the police can take many months to investigate criminal offences and…

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Press release: GB News apologises to Dale Vince and agrees to pay libel damages

GB News has apologised to Dale Vince, the green energy industrialist, environmental campaigner and co-owner of Forest Green Rovers, for defaming him in a tweet/video published on X on 14 March 2024. The tweet complained of read, “You had a major Labour Party donor who called Hamas “freedom fighters”! No one has asked Labour if…

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High Court holds that computer scientist’s claims to be inventor of Bitcoin are dishonest

For a number of years, computer scientist Craig Wright has professed to be the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin.  Based on these claims, Dr Wright had initiated numerous proceedings in England and Wales and across the world, including libel claims against people who publicly declared that he was not Satoshi (for instance,…

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Family Procedure Rules amended to introduce non-court dispute resolution requirements

What are the Family Procedure Rules? The Family Procedure Rules (FPR) provide practical and procedural guidance on how cases are to be conducted in the Family court system in England and Wales and govern legal professionals and litigants’ conduct in family law proceedings. Why the changes? The family courts have been experiencing extreme delays for…

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Court of Appeal holds that trial delay due to non-availability of prosecutor does not amount to an abuse of process

The recent case of Ng & O’Reilly [2024] EWCA Crim 493 highlights the sorry state of the criminal justice system, particularly the backlog in the Crown Courts and the retention problem the Criminal Bar is having. In a recent National Audit Office report, it was highlighted that there were 67,573 cases outstanding in the Crown…

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