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Britain has more rapists in prison that any other European country

Statistics published by the Council of Europe have identified that Britain sends more convicted rapists to prison than any other EU country.  There were 5,408 prisoners serving rape sentences in England and Wales in 2013.  By contrast there were 3,600 in Germany, 2,287 in Spain and 2,034 in Italy.

The government estimates that 20-25% of rapes committed are reported.  Although this figure is not universally accepted, reporting rates in the UK are understood to be significantly higher than in other EU nations (it is estimated in Italy that 92% of rapes are unreported).   According to Sarah Green, Acting Director of the End Violence Against Women Coalition, this together with a clearer definition of what constitutes rape and tougher sentences, explains why the UK has the most serving prisoners for rape.   Between 2005 and 2011 there was an increase of 20.1 months in sentencing.  The average prison sentence now exceeds eight years.

The statistics follow new guidance by the Crown Prosecution Service on how the police should investigate allegations of rape, with a particular focus on the issue of consent.  Details can be found here.



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