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The Online Safety Act 2023: nine new criminal offences come into force

In an increasingly digital world, where our lives are intertwined with online platforms and social media networks, ensuring safety and security in the virtual realm has become paramount. Governments worldwide are continuously refining legislation to address the challenges posed by the digital landscape. One such significant step is the enactment of the Online Safety Act…

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Is it safe to use AI for legal research?  Not yet

The development and use of AI (artificial intelligence) has increased dramatically in the past year. Widely available AI apps can be used to ask complex questions and immediately receive ostensibly sophisticated answers. The use of AI has extended to the legal sector where chatbots can be used to search for cases relating to a particular…

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Press statement: Caroline Ley

This press statement has been issued following the handing down of Mr Justice Julian Knowles’ judgment in Crosbie v Ley [2023] EWHC 2626 (KB)   Our client Caroline Ley is relieved by the outcome of these proceedings which fully vindicate her and highlight the harassment she has suffered at the hands of her former colleague and…

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Psychotherapist awarded £75,000 in libel and harassment damages after former colleague found to have pursued a targeted public vendetta and false passing off claim

On 1 November 2023, the High Court handed down judgment in Crosbie v Ley [2023] EWHC 2626 (KB). The Defendant, Siobhain Crosbie, sued the Claimant, Caroline Ley, for passing off.  She sought damages of £1.4 million, plus interest. Ms Ley counterclaimed for libel, harassment, and breach of data protection rights. Mr Justice Julian Knowles dismissed…

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Instagram privacy claim succeeds against unknown parties, but fails against named defendants

In this article we consider the decision of Mrs Justice Collins Rice in LCG and others v OVD and others [2023] EWHC 2058 (KB).  The first and second claimants succeeded in establishing a claim for misuse of private information against persons unknown, but the judge was unable to attribute any of the alleged tortious conduct…

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Court of Appeal overturns decision of High Court judge to refuse to accept undertakings in harassment claim

We previously published a press release on behalf of our client Dr Erica Smith following the outcome of her harassment and privacy claim against former colleague and UCL academic Dr Christopher Backhouse.  The claim concerned a sustained campaign of online harassment, which included the creation of Twitter accounts impersonating Dr Smith and offering sexual services…

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Careers at Brett Wilson LLP

We are presently recruiting a commercial/civil litigation solicitor and a legal cashier/finance assistant.  For further information please see our careers webpage.

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Georgia Harrison to sue Stephen Bear over revenge porn/image-based abuse that has already landed him in jail

  Who are Stephen Bear and Georgia Harrison? If you are not a fan of reality television, then it’s unlikely you would have heard of either of Stephen Bear or Georgia Harrison until recently. Stephen Bear, 33, appeared on Shipwrecked in 2011 and Ex on the Beach in 2015.  These accomplishments allowed Bear to qualify…

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Brett Wilson partners recommended as top reputation and privacy lawyers in Spear’s 500

Media law partners Iain Wilson and Max Campbell have been recommended as top reputation and privacy lawyers in the prestigious Spear’s 500 legal directory.  The directory purports to be the definitive guide to the top private client advisers and service providers for HNW individuals.

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Has the SRA lost perspective on SLAPPs?

Brett Wilson Partner Iain Wilson writes about the recent SRA Thematic Review in the The Law Society Gazette. The article can be found be found here.

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