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Consultation launched for new fraud sentencing guidelines that seek to put victims first

The sentencing Council has launched a consultation for new sentencing guidelines covering a wide range of financial/fraud crimes including money laundering, bribery and conspiracy to defraud.

The consultation will canvass public opinion on factors that could potentially aggravate or mitigate the offences in question.  It is proposed that the guidelines should alter the focal point to prioritise the impact on victims.  sentencing Council member, Michael Caplin QC stated:-

fraud is committed for financial gain, but it can mean much more than financial loss on the victim¦ The first step in our proposed guidelines therefore looks at what the victim has been through.

The sentencing Council estimates that in 2011 alone the total cost incurred by individuals, businesses, the public, and the non-profit sectors as a result of fraud was £73 billion.

The consultation period is due to run from 27 June 2013 to 4 October 2013.  During this 14 week public consultation, the sentencing Council will also undertake interviews with crown court judges, district judges and magistrates to determine the practicality of implementing the proposals.

Find details of the consultation here:-


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