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High Court orders Facebook to disclose identity of cyberbullies

Nicola Brookes has obtained a Norwich Pharmacal order against Facebook after "internet trolls" left "vicious and depraved" messages on her Facebook page.  The messages appeared after Ms Brookes posted a comment about the X-Factor television show.  The order requires Facebook to handover profile information and the IP addresses of the individuals who posted the office.  It is understood that Facebook will comply with the order once it has been served on the company.  Facebook did not contest the application, but would have been at risk of breaching data protection laws if it had handed over the information voluntarily.

If pseudonyms have been used it is likely that Ms Brookes will have to return to the High Court to seek a further order requiring the internet service provider to disclose customer details.  Unusually, Ms Brookes, who suffers from Crohn's disease, has indicated that she wishes to bring a private prosecution rather than a civil claim.  Ms Brookes made the application after becoming frustrated at what she perceived to be a lack of urgency from police investigating the matter.


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