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Mirror Group Newspapers settle phone-hacking claims in High Court

The High Court on 22 January 2015 heard that a number of celebrities (including Cilla Black, Darren Day, Peter Andre and Jessie Wallace) had settled their claims against the Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) for phone hacking that was alleged to have taken place between 2000 and 2006.  The claims for misuse of private information related to the “widespread and habitual practice of voicemail interception” conducted by the newspapers involved.

The barrister acting on behalf of MGN, Matthew Nicklin QC of 5RB, offered “sincere apologies” to the celebrities.

David Sherborne, also of 5RB, who acted for the celebrities read out statements on behalf of his ten clients.  He said in a statement in court:  “In summary, these 10 individuals all bring claims that cover unlawful activity by each of the three newspaper titles over a lengthy period.  They have all expressed their feelings of distress and anger that their private information has been treated in this way…”

It was not revealed how much the newspaper had agreed to pay by way of damages but Mr Nicklin QC confirmed that MGN was paying “substantial sums by way of damages and their reasonable costs”.


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