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Ofcom publish second draft code on internet piracy

The communications regulator Ofcom has published a revised code on online copyright infringement. The draft code maintains the"three strike" policy set out in the earlier 2010 version.  "IsP"s (internet service providers such as BT, Talk Talk and Virgin media) will be required to send letters to customers notifying them where their account is the subject of a suspected copyright infringement.  If a customer receives three notifications within a 12-month period then copyright owners will be entitled to request anonymised information from the IsP relating to infringements.  It will then be open to the copyright owner to seek a court order requiring the IsP to disclose the name of the customer in question (so that they may take legal action against the customer).  Under the draft code, a customer who receives a notification letter may challenge it within 20 days via a panel.

The Code is required under the Digital Economy Act 2012.  The controversial Act was the subject of an unsuccessful judicial review brought by BT and Talk Talk last year.

Ofcom's press release can be found below:-


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