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Solicitors from Hell appeal thrown out

Rick Kordowski, the founder/operator of the now defunct solicitors from Hell website, has been refused permission to appeal the High Court ruling that closed down the website.  On 15 November 2011 Tugendhat J ordered that Mr Kordowski cease publishing the website.  On 7 December a final order was made, inter alia, preventing Mr Kordowski from establishing a similar website.

In refusing permission sir stephen sedley held that the application was totally without merit, remarking that Mr Kordowski has been told more than once that "Article 10 is [not] some kind of trump card, permitting defamation, harassment and data abuse to go unchecked".

Details of the original claim brought by Brett Wilson LLP on behalf of the Law society, Hine solicitors and Kevin McGrath (representing those within the legal profession) can be found below:-


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