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Twitter introduces algorithim to automatically filter abusive tweets

Twitter has introduced a tool which automatically scans and blocks abusive tweets.  The algorithm looks out for a number of 'red flags', including whether a complaint has previously been made against the sender, whether the content is similar to content previously deemed abusive and the age of the account.  The tweets are blocked before they are received by the intended recipient, although they will still appear on the recipient's feed if they follow the sender.

In a separate move, Twitter has modified its policy towards tweets that threaten violence.  Previously only tweets that directly threatened violence were prohibited.  Now indirect threats, or the 'threats of violence against others or promoting violence against others' have been banned.

Twitter has also announced further security measures including the requirement for those who have had their accounts temporarily locked out for violation of its policies to provide a telephone number to have their accounts unlocked.

Twitter's statement can be found here.

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