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Press Release: UCU General Secretary Jo Grady pays Paul Embery Twitter libel damages

UCU General Secretary Dr Jo Grady has agreed to pay substantial damages to firefighter, trade unionist and writer Paul Embery, after defaming him on Twitter.

In a statement read in the High Court today before His Honour Judge Lewis, Mr Embery's solicitor Tom Double explained that Dr Grady had libelled Mr Embery after he had posted a tweet criticising the anti-social conduct of a group of fellow passengers on a train.  This tweet went viral.

Dr Grady attacked Mr Embery over the next two days, publishing the following tweets: “Grow up Paul and take a day off bullying women and pretending to be outraged for clicks. It’s pathetic at any age, but especially yours” and “It’s creepy to record young women on the train, share that video, and lie about them on social media for clout.” 

Mr Embery complained that the tweets falsely portrayed him as a misogynist, a pervert, and a liar, when all he was seeking to do was defend himself, his children and fellow passengers from rowdy and threatening behaviour on public transport.

The matter was settled in April 2023 with Dr Grady agreeing to pay Mr Embery substantial damages and legal costs, and providing an undertaking not to repeat the allegations.

Mr Embery intends to donate the damages to charity.

Paul Embery was represented by Tom Double and Iain Wilson, and Ian Helme of Matrix Chambers.


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