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Whistleblowers to be protected from harassment from co-workers

The government has announced an amendment to the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill which will allow extend the protection of whistleblowers to cover bullying and victimisation from co-workers.

The change in the law will mean that employers will be vicariously liable for the conduct of their staff in relation to the harassment of whistleblowers by co-workers. The existing law only protects harassment or victimisation by the employer.

Commenting on the amendment, Employment Relations Minister Jo swinson said, "This amendment takes into account recent events and will place whistleblowers, who are making a difficult decision, in a better position. They will now have a specific employment protection in place and be able to have the full force of a tribunal behind them if they suffer any detriment, bullying or harassment from a co-worker...The change will not impact on good employers who see it as their responsibility to make sure their staff have a good working environment."


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