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Adham Harker

Senior Associate (solicitor)

Media and communications law

Adham works in the firm’s media and communications law department, specialising in defamation, privacy and harassment law.

Adham keeps client objectives in mind and is always willing to consider creative and non-traditional strategies to achieve those outcomes.  Adham has a good track record of resolving defamation disputes amicably and at an early stage.  Where court proceedings cannot be avoided, Adham is a tough and thorough litigator who puts his clients’ cases robustly.

Adham’s recent work highlights include:-


  • Securing a favourable settlement and Statement in Open Court against British Mensa on behalf of a former director.
  • Securing the dismissal of a claim with 100% costs for a rape victim who had named their abuser as part of the #MeToo movement.
  • Negotiating a favourable settlement for a local business owner falsely accused of sexually assaulting an employee.
  • Negotiating a favourable settlement for a client who was threatened with defamation proceedings after posting a negative review about her landlord.
  • Securing a favourable settlement for a pilot who had been falsely accused of fraud and domestic violence.
  • Securing a favourable settlement, including a retraction and apology, for his client who had been falsely accused of harassment.
  • Representing a prominent radio DJ in defamation actions.
  • Successfully deterring defamation litigation for a client who had left negative and (allegedly) defamatory reviews concerning a builder.


  • Assisting in the obtaining of an injunction against a blackmailer, including bringing contempt of court proceedings and an application for committal.
  • Successfully exercising various clients’ ‘right to erasure’ under UK GDPR to have adverse Google search results delisted from searches for their names.
  • Advising two clients on blackmail matters concerning intimate relationships.
  • Successfully implementing a 'clean up' strategy for a celebrity client who wanted to have historic information and images removed from the public domain.


  • Acting for a company in protecting its employees from harassment by a disgruntled customer.
  • Securing a favourable settlement, including a payment of costs, for his client who was being harassed by a former business acquaintance.

Intellectual Property

  • Representing the successful defendants in Costa v DissociaDID Limited & Anr [2022] EWHC 1934 (IPEC), a claim for infringement of copyright and a counterclaim for tortious interference and breach of contract.
  • Negotiating a favourable settlement of a trade mark infringement matter pre-action concerning the name of a licensed venue in central London.
  • Advised a tech start up on copyright infringement issues concerning videos published on YouTube.

Prior to joining Brett Wilson, Adham worked at IP boutique McDaniels Law.  He has acted in various media, IP, and commercial disputes.  He has extensive experience of Business & Property Court litigation, having conducted various stages of High Court proceedings through to trial. Those included acting for the successful Claimant in both Dowman Imports Limited v 2 Toobz Limited [2020] EWHC 291 (Comm) and in Cormeton Fire Protection Limited v Cormeton Electronics Limited & John Aitchison [2021] EWHC 11 (IPEC).


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