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Nick Brett


Criminal law and regulatory/disciplinary

Nick is a partner with extensive experience encompassing all aspects of regulatory/disciplinary law, criminal law and related civil litigation. He is particularly noted for his work representing professional people including lawyers, accountants and medical practitioners. Nick successfully defended Ryan Beckwith in the landmark decision following the prominent SRA prosecution (Beckwith v Solicitors Regulation Authority [2020] EWHC 3231). Nick has successfully defended numerous allegations of rape, sexual harassment and other offences both current and historic.

Nick is frequently instructed to defend regulatory investigations conducted by the SRA, the GMC, the GDC, the HSE, the Insolvency Service and Trading Standards (including allegations of copyright infringement). He has specialist expertise in the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and investigations by the Financial Conduct Authority for alleged breaches of the Act (including market conduct offences and collective investment schemes).  His recent portfolio of major fraud cases is substantial and he frequently advises individual and corporate clients in bribery and corruption investigations.  Nick has additional expertise in advising clients subject to confiscation and civil asset recovery proceedings including both Part 6 tax investigations and related claims.  His wide experience in this field extends to cash detention and forfeiture proceedings and he has successfully defended numerous cases of this nature at both first instance and appeal. He is a frequent contributor to legal resource outlets and journals including the Gazette, LexisNexis, LexisLibrary and Lexis PSL.

If you would like to contact Nick directly, please send him an email.

Notable cases include:

  • BSB v XC [2021] – BSB investigation into alleged sexual harassment dismissed
  • The Dyson Investigation [2021] – acted for former BBC executive in investigation into Martin Bashir interview of Princess Diana
  • Mohammed v R [2021] EWCA 2021 – convictions for sexual assault quashed in CCRC’s 750th case
  • GDC v KG [2021] – High Court proceedings brought by GDC
  • Beckwith v SRA [2020] EWHC 3231 – successful defence of disciplinary prosecution
  • Metropolitan Police v M [2020] – AFOs under TA 2000 and POCA 2002 discharged
  • CISI v ABC [2020] – CISI disciplinary tribunal proceedings
  • ARB v JDSC [2020] – Architect Registration Board disciplinary proceedings
  • SRA v AA/AH [2020] – SRA investigation in Saudi Arabia
  • R v RJ [2020] – police investigation into Nursery owner discontinued
  • GMC v TA [2019] – GMC investigation successfully concluded without disciplinary proceedings
  • R v SA [2019] – £2.7m fraud on employer in civil and criminal jurisdictions
  • S [2019] – internal corporate bribery investigation
  • FCA v G [2018] – FCA investigation alleging breaches of general prohibition
  • R v K [2018] – largest ever cryptocurrency prosecution
  • A v H [2018] – High court claim in gangmaster litigation
  • R v E [2018] – fraud on the Montessori charity
  • BPL v M [2018] – £20m High Court enforcement action
  • SFO v FXB Ltd [2018] – dual corruption prosecution
  • R v W [2018] – Fraud by abuse of position against freeholder
  • SFO v IKS [2018] – SFO Claim for civil recovery order
  • F v F [2017] – High Court Freezing Order litigation
  • DWP v N [2016] – largest ever DWP prosecution for fraud
  • GDC v R [2015] – successful defence of disciplinary proceedings brought by GDC
  • R v S [2015] – fraud allegations from failed property investment scheme stayed for abuse of process.
  • NCA v KS [2015] EWCA 1234 – Acted for appellant in case where Court of Appeal decided that civil recovery orders subject to ECHR A1P1 proportionality principle
  • SFO v R [2015] – asserting third party interest in assets subject to confiscation
  • R v M [2015] – acted for lead defendant in £8m fraud against Barclays: “peanut tycoon” fraud case
  • R v C [2015] – acting for lead defendant in ‘Operation Cotton’ case. First ever prosecution by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • R v P [2015] – successful defence in conspiracy to import and supply cocaine


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