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Simeon Muir


Criminal law and professional disciplinary

Simeon has extensive experience in advising and defending clients facing a full spectrum of criminal offences from offences of violence to drug offences, serious sexual offences and financial crime. He is noted for his expertise in motoring law.

Simeon has acted in a number of high-profile cases which have received media attention.  He is particularly adept at dealing with sensitive issues and providing reassurance to clients who are experiencing an exceptionally difficult period in their lives.  He approaches all cases with a robust defence-minded and analytical approach and is known for his scrutiny of all aspects of a criminal investigation or prosecution.

Prior to joining Brett Wilson, Simeon was a Partner at a large regional firm where he led a team of criminal defence practitioners. During this period, he also developed extensive practice in motoring law and is well known in this field, often receiving recommendations clients and fellow professionals.  Simeon understands that for many people being in possession of a driving licence is crucial to their livelihood and he has that in the forefront of his mind when representing clients.

If you would like to contact Simeon directly, please send him an email.


Notable cases include:

R v ED – represented a client accused of multi-million pound fraud, surrounding the car hire purchase agreements taken out using false identities

R v TW -  represented a professional sportsperson accused of sexual and violent assaults against another well-known actor

R v AS – represented City trader accused of assaulting his partner, a case which attracted significant media coverage

R v KH – firearms supply case which sparked the Tottenham riots in 2011

R v BL – represented young defendant accused of killing his brother in tragic accident

R v CE – represented constructor accused of manslaughter through gross negligence, case involved detailed analysis of construction regulations and instruction of numerous scientific experts.