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We have extensive experience on advising clients on corporate and personal insolvency issues.  This includes both advisory and litigation work.

We act for the following:

  • Trustees in bankruptcy or liquidators by providing advisory work and litigation and injunction application to claw back assets and secure certain assets from being dissipated
  • Distressed companies and individuals in the defence of statutory demands or Insolvency petitions (whether in winding up or bankruptcy) and with claims by Trustees in bankruptcy or by a liquidator
  • Creditors who wish to bring a statutory demand and subsequently winding up proceedings or bankruptcy proceedings against a company or individual debtor

Our expertise

Our Insolvency team has expertise in the below areas.

Corporate Insolvency

  • The preparation and service of statutory demands
  • Urgent applications for injunctions to stop a creditor winding up a company and preventing them publicly advertising which can cause significant financial detriment on a company’s future business success
  • Applications for freezing injunctions to prevent assets from being dissipated
  • The receivership, voluntary administration and winding up of companies
  • Acting on behalf of creditors and directors of distressed companies in winding up proceedings/disputes
  • Acting on behalf of insolvency practitioners in recovery proceedings once a company is in liquidation
  • Defending directors in relation to claims raised by liquidators (including preference actions, unreasonable director-related transactions and transaction at an undervalue)
  • Advice to directors and the defence of claims against them under personal guarantees
  • Wrongful trading (including under temporary covid-19 restrictions)
  • Claims to claw back company dividends which have been paid out
  • Assisting with retention of title disputes and proceedings to recover unpaid debts and/or assets
  • Defending directors facing director disqualification proceedings

Personal Insolvency (bankruptcy)

  • The preparation and service of statutory demands
  • Issuing bankruptcy petitions on behalf of creditors
  • Challenging statutory demand
  • Responding to a bankruptcy petition
  • Acting on behalf of Insolvency Practitioners in recovery proceedings in a bankruptcy estate and general trustee litigation
  • Applications to annul bankruptcy orders
  • Debt collection through insolvency processes
  • Defending claims raised by a trustee in bankruptcy against your family home or other assets you depend on, monetary and other claims
  • Opposing applications for bankruptcy restrictions orders
  • Petitioning for a client's bankruptcy
  • Bankruptcy restrictions

Why should I instruct Brett Wilson LLP?

In short, to ensure that you have the best team fighting for you and to maximise your prospects of success. Our work and client care is of the highest standard.  Every matter has partner involvement. Where it is necessary to go to court we work with a range of top barristers, to suit most budgets.

At the outset of your case we will conduct a cost benefit analysis with you and talk you through your options. We offer honest and pragmatic advice to our clients.

Our insolvency solicitors act for individuals and corporate clients of all sizes.

How do I instruct Brett Wilson LLP?

Get in touch with one of our insolvency solicitors by sending us an emailcompleting our online enquiry form or calling us on 020 7183 8950.  If emailing or using the online form, please provide a short outline of your situation.

Where possible, we recommend that you contact us before taking any formal insolvency steps yourself.

Costs information will provided following your enquiry.

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