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Drug offences

If you have been arrested under drug possession charges, or you are under suspicion of supplying drugs, then you could be in one of several situations.

You may be waiting for the police to decide what action to take, or you may already have been interviewed and have been given a date to return to the police station. Perhaps you have been charged with an offence and are required to go to a Magistrates Court or may be awaiting a jury trial in the Crown Court.

The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, which is the piece of legislation that criminalises the possession and supply of drugs, is complicated and offences differ greatly in seriousness and complexity - but possession of even a small quantity of cannabis may have potentially drastic consequences. This is why it is vital to seek legal advice from solicitors as soon as possible.

We have a strong background and years of experience in this field. The firm, and Nick Brett the partner who heads up the criminal litigation department, are recommended in leading directories such as Chambers and Partners and the Legal 500 and can help you to understand exactly where you stand, and the implications of the allegations against you for you in cases related to drug offences.

Types of drug offences and drug penalties

Actions criminalised under the law mentioned above include:

• Drug smuggling
• Drug dealing
• Drug trafficking
• Driving under the influence of drugs
• Possession with intent to supply

How our solicitors specialising in drug offences can help

If you have been arrested for drug related crimes please contact us for a confidential discussion about your case. We are able to take the necessary steps to protect your reputation and avoid conviction if possible. Our relationships with our clients are based on mutual feelings of trust and we pride ourselves on achieving the highest possible standards. This focus on high standards is reflected in everything we do.

We are available to meet you for a confidential consultation, to represent you at the police station and to provide high quality representation for any court proceedings.

Contact us on 020 3740 4704 for a confidential discussion or alternatively, send us an emailcomplete our online enquiry form.

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