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Child Arrangements

Divorce is a challenging time for families, especially when children are involved. At Brett Wilson LLP, we recognise the importance of prioritising the well-being and best interests of children throughout the divorce or separation process.  We are committed to providing an empathetic approach and expert legal representation to help families navigate complex child-related matters with sensitivity and care.

Our aim is always to try to resolve matters by negotiation and without the court’s involvement. We encourage an amicable resolution of child-related issues through mediation or other alternative dispute resolution methods, wherever suitable. Our goal is to minimise conflict and promote effective communication between parents, facilitating agreements that prioritise the well-being of the children and allow for efficient co-parenting once the divorce or separation process is complete.

We can assist on a number of fronts, such as:

Child arrangement orders

We understand that determining child arrangements can be emotionally charged and highly contentious when it appears impossible to agree matters directly with the other parent. We will work closely with you to advise you as to what would be deemed as a reasonable arrangement and help you liaise with the other side to reach an agreement and put an arrangement in place.

Parenting plans

Creating a comprehensive parenting plan is essential for establishing clear expectations and routines for co-parenting after divorce. If needed, we can help you negotiate and draft a detailed parenting plan that covers important aspects such as contact plans,  decision-making authority, and communication protocols, fostering a positive co-parenting relationship and ensuring your children's needs are met.

Child maintenance

Financial support is a crucial aspect of ensuring that children's needs are adequately met following divorce or separation. We can assist you by advising you on what amount should be payable and advise you on how additional costs should be paid to meet the children’s needs.

Urgent applications

Whether there is a risk of abduction, or a planned holiday where your ex is not giving you permission to take your children to, we can assist you on an urgent basis to help you achieve your wished outcome when time is of the essence and the consequences of not acting promptly could be extremely complicated.

 "TOLATA" and "Schedule 1" applications

If you have children but are not married and need to agree provisions for the benefit of your children in addition to child maintenance payments, we can advise you on your options to ensure that housing needs are met and that additional costs for the children are covered.

Variation of an existing order

Circumstances may change following divorce, necessitating modifications to existing orders made on children matters. If you require modifications or enforcement of court orders related to children, we'll provide skilled representation to protect your rights and ensure that the best interests of your children remain the primary focus.

At Brett Wilson LLP, we understand that children are the heart of the family, and their welfare is paramount. Whether you're facing child custody disputes, parenting plan negotiations, or child maintenance matters, we're here to provide the guidance and support you need to protect your children's future and navigate the complexities of divorce with compassion and integrity.

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