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Disputes Over Wills and Inheritance (Probate Disputes)

Disputes over a loved one’s estate can be particularly painful given that they follow on from bereavement and can cause rifts between close family members.  It is often sensible to seek professional advice at an early stage before a dispute escalates and lasting harm is done.

We provide assistance to people who find themselves in dispute over an estate including:

  • Setting aside a Will
  • Issues over interpretation of a Will if there is any ambiguity
  • Claims to provide for somebody who was left out of a Will when they had a reasonable expectation that they would be taken care of
  • Disputes over appointments of executors and administrators of an estate (see our Inheritance Act claims page)
  • Challenging the actions of an executor or administrator if they have mis-managed the estate
  • Will rectification and lost or destroyed Wills

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