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Serious fraud

Listed in the Legal 500 as a leading firm in the field of Fraud and White Collar Crime, Brett Wilson LLP’s team of serious fraud solicitors in London is headed up by Nick Brett, who is ranked by Chambers and Partners as a leading individual in criminal litigation.

Brett Wilson LLP specialises in defending fraud and serious fraud allegations. It regularly acts in high profile cases both in London and around the country. See the list of recent cases in which we have featured below.

If you need advice or representation then please contact us for a confidential discussion. To find out how our experienced fraud team can help you, call us today on 020 7183 8950, or email and we will be in touch.

Our Approach to Serious Fraud Defence

Typically, fraud cases are prosecuted by the Serious Fraud Office (the “SFO”), the fraud division of the Crown Prosecution Service (the “CPS”) or the Financial Conduct Authority (the “FCA”). Recently Brett Wilson LLP has also defended multi-million pound fraud prosecutions brought by trading standards and the Federation Against Copyright Theft (“FACT”).

Working closely with carefully selected counsel from leading chambers, Brett Wilson LLP provides a comprehensive quality service from start to finish. The firm prides itself on the personal support provided to our clients.  We care about you and we care about your case.  At the outset an expert team is assembled to work closely with our clients to create a strategy including the limitation of reputational damage in conjunction with our specialist media law team.  The outcome of fraud prosecutions can turn on careful tactical considerations; choosing lawyers with the requisite expertise does pay dividends.

Brett Wilson LLP and its partners have extensive experience defending allegations of mortgage fraud, advance fee fraud, land banking fraud, price ramping, internet fraud (including piracy), insider dealing, MTIC/carousel frauds, false accounting, fraudulent trading and cheating the revenue.

Contrary to the Attorney-General’s guidelines, defendants often stand trial for the common law offence of conspiracy to defraud instead of, or as well as, substantive offences under statutes such as the Fraud Act 2006, the Bribery Act 2010 and the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. Serious fraud cases will often also include allegations of money laundering under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

Brett Wilson LLP also advises and represents individuals or companies facing allegations of fraud in the High Court.  Typically this will be either civil recovery proceedings brought by the National Crime Agency (“NCA”), an application by the Secretary of State to wind up a company in the public interest or a civil claim for fraud brought by an individual or private institution such as a bank.

Brett Wilson LLP is on the Very High Costs Case Contracting Panel (“VHCC”) and thus accredited to undertake cases designated as being VHCC.

What our Fraud Solicitors will do for you

Brett Wilson LLP’s Fraud team provides:

  • Expert advice to individual and corporate clients regarding money laundering regulations and financial regulatory issues.
  • Advice in connection with potential personal liability for fraud and money laundering offences.
  • Client representation in connection with investigations conducted by the Serious Fraud Office (“SFO”), National Crime Agency (“NCA”), the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”), City of London Police and HM Customs & Excise.
  • Advice and representation in proceedings for money laundering and fraud-related offences.
  • In-depth analysis and scrutiny of the evidence relied upon by prosecuting agencies.
  • A no-nonsense, jargon-free explanation of the legal issues in your case.
  • Advice on plea.
  • First class advocacy services.
  • Quality counsel with proven and appropriate experience.
  • Applications to dismiss charges where appropriate.
  • Reliable advice and expert representation in applications for bail including the removal or variation of conditions.
  • Expert advice on matters ancillary to any prosecution including abuse of process.
  • Advice and representation in relation to any restraint order obtained by the Crown.
  • The proofing of defence witnesses.
  • The preparation of documentary and other evidence in support of your defence case.
  • The provision of quality expert witnesses to assist with the presentation of forensic and medical evidence.
  • An experienced team who will conduct negotiated settlements with prosecuting authorities where appropriate.
  • Advice on prospective appeals.

Examples of our Serious Fraud Defence Work

Recent examples of our fraud work include:

  • Defending N in the largest ever fraud prosecution brought by the DWP
  • Defending S in multimillion alleged property investment fraud stayed for abuse of process
  • Defending V in land banking fraud at Southwark Crown Court
  • Defending lead defendant in £9m ‘peanut’ fraud against Barclays Bank
  • Defending lead defendant in notorious ‘Operation Cotton’ trial which was first ever prosecution by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Defending in a £7million conspiracy to defraud and money laundering case involving an alleged bogus network of companies used to sell escort service membership and credit card cancellation services.
  • Defending V in a private prosecution for conspiracy to defraud brought by the Federation Against Copyright Theft Ltd in respect of alleged copyright theft causing losses of up to £9billion via the operation of the website
  • Defending W in a £25million conspiracy to defraud and money laundering case concerning ‘land banking’ companies, in which investors were allegedly duped into making huge investments in near-worthless plots of land.
  • Defending in an alleged mortgage fraud in which over £20million was said to have been fraudulently obtained from two major banks.
  • Successfully defending H against allegations of conspiracy to conceal the proceeds of crime arising out of the now infamous Operation Rize. Money laundering charges were dismissed by the Judge at the close of the Crown’s case, a decision which the Crown appealed unsuccessfully (R v C and others 2012 EWCA 1762).  The Defendant was acquitted on all remaining counts at the conclusion of a 40 day trial at Southwark Crown Court.
  • Defending against an allegation of fraud by abuse of position relating to the alleged misappropriation of over £1million of funds held by her brother (for whom she was Deputy) in the Court of Protection.

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