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Confiscation proceedings

The confiscation regime under the Proceeds of Crime Act ('POCA') is a deliberately draconian one.  Disputes regularly arise as to the level of a convicted defendant's 'benefit' from criminal conduct and their available assets.  The Crown frequently alleges that a defendant has hidden assets or that a third party has received a tainted gift.

Non-compliance with a confiscation order can result in the imposition of a default prison sentence or an attack on assets (including those in the name of a third party).  The history of the law has recently been examined in a number of high-profile judgments (perhaps most significantly R v Waya [2012] UKSC 51).  Any person facing confiscation proceedings will benefit from advice with lawyers with experience in dealing with such cases.  At Brett Wilson LLP we have this experience.

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Benefits of working with our confiscation and forfeiture solicitors

With Brett Wilson LLP working on your behalf, you will benefit from:

  • Leading advice and representation to clients served with a restraint order in contemplation of confiscation proceedings
  • Clear and thorough advice on the confiscation consequences of any allegation
  • Assistance in the preparation of witness statements in compliance with court orders
    Preparation of detailed response documents to rebut allegations of the acquisition of criminal benefit
  • Evidence collation in support of response documents
  • Expert forensic accountants to give evidence in support of your defence case
  • First class advocacy services using specialist quality counsel
  • The defence of confiscation proceedings post-conviction
  • Advice and the preparation of applications to vary confiscation orders
  • Advice and representation on appeals against confiscation orders
  • Advice and representation at confiscation enforcement proceedings
  • Advice to third parties regarding their rights should the state seek to realise jointly held assets

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