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Dentists fitness to practice and GDC proceedings

GDC hearings: Specialist legal representation for dentists and dental care professionals

Our regulatory and disciplinary team offer a personalised service for dentists and dental care professionals facing General Dental Council (GDC) proceedings and/or prosecution.  Our lawyers work closely with carefully selected counsel from leading chambers and are also experienced in conducting advocacy before the Professional Conduct Committee or the Interim Orders Committee.

How we can help

  • Representing and advising you in GDC hearings and investigations
  • Making written representations on your behalf and corresponding with the Investigation Committee and other parties where necessary
  • Obtaining and preparing evidence in support of your defence
  • Analysing the strength of any disciplinary  case and giving you clear advice
  • Advocacy with specialist counsel at hearings before the GDC Committees
  • Advocacy for any hearing for an interim order to restrict your ability to practice
  • Advising you on the scope of appealing any finding to the High Court
  • Representing/advising you in criminal proceedings before the Magistrates’ Court or Crown Court
  • Representing/advising you at the police station where applicable

Recent cases include:

  • Representing a dentist and owner of a large practice who appeared before the GDC facing accusations of fraudulent claims for non-existent NHS work.  Following representations made during the GDC tribunal and NHS fraud investigation our client was allowed to continue practicing.
  • Representing a dentist in criminal and GDC proceedings in respect of an allegation of sexual assault.  The criminal prosecution was discontinued and the case before the Professional Conduct Committee was dismissed .

For your peace of mind, we offer fixed-fee preliminary consultations.  A consultation will help you understand the legal and practical issues that could influence your case, allowing you to make an informed decision about what action to take.

Contact our GDC solicitors

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